It is a demonstration of our belief that entrepreneurship is the venue for unleashing creativity, helping people become fully alive, aware of their surroundings and other people's needs and wants.

To accomplish this, we train classroom teachers to be innovative and implement the E-Discovery entrepreneurship curriculum alongside their subject areas. We have seen that this will develop more creative, entrepreneurial students.

What happens next? The awakening of the students' creative element and seeing what emerges in the form of products and services and the potential to develop for-profit and non-profit businesses.

“E-Discovery allows students to have a hands-on learning experience that you can’t obtain from a textbook. Providing seed money for the students (to develop their products) made their thoughts on paper come to life.”

— E-Discovery Teacher

“E-Discovery is a wonderful way to immerse students into the real world of business. It lights a spark within them that drives them to want to learn more about becoming a business owner. This process has opened my student’s eyes to a whole new world with endless possibilities for their futures. E-Discovery provided my students with a great opportunity to learn while doing; the real world aspect is a fabulous addition to the classroom. The kids loved it, and I think it really gave some the knowledge and drive to change their lives!”

— E-Discovery Teacher

“E-Discovery promotes an interest in entrepreneurship that students otherwise would never experience.”

— E-Discovery Teacher




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