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Our Mission: Engage

We help teachers engage every learner in the classroom using an innovative entrepreneurship curriculum.


Our Mission

at eDiscovery



It’s not easy to engage all students in every lesson plan. We all have students who are disengaged or falling through the cracks. We believe that entrepreneurship is the venue for unleashing creativity, helping students become fully alive, aware of their surroundings and other people's needs and wants.

To accomplish this, we train elementary and middle school teachers to be innovative and implement the eDiscovery entrepreneurship curriculum alongside their subject areas in their classrooms. We also teach summer entrepreneurship camps for high schoolers.

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why entrepreneurship?

Unleashing Creativity

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A successful entrepreneur has a mindset that is a mix of:

  • Creativity

  • Critical thinking

  • Problem solving

  • Collaboration

  • Having a “can-do” attitude

These traits transcend gender and ethnicity, and are not necessarily the high achievers in a classroom.

Our goal is for students to identify their unique passions, skills, and competitive advantage that will give them an edge, whether they pursue higher education, enter the workforce, and/or become entrepreneurs.

One of the keys to the success of eDiscovery is the session on creativity and how it helps students understand how to unleash their own creativity.

Our Impact

Teaching students entrepreneurial skills can help them take ownership of their future and has the potential to boost the economy of communities.

Teachers embrace this concept because they feel eDiscovery curricula and developing businesses shows students real-life applications of classroom instruction.

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Our Programs

eDiscovery is an entrepreneurship curriculum that offers a fun experience teaching students creativity, innovation, problem solving skills, how to pitch their idea, communication and leadership skills, and how to face fear.

Students learn why math, science, language, writing and speaking are very useful in everyday life by applying them to their business ideas.

They also learn the importance of teamwork while developing their own leadership skills. They will figure out their competitive edge and how to determine who their target market is for the products or services they develop.

eDiscovery delivers all of this and more in a program that is fun for the students while they are learning entrepreneurial skills they will use for a lifetime.