Summer Entrepreneurship Camp


Week-Long Summer Camp Program

for Imaginative High School Students

Are you looking for a creative way to provide summer enrichment to high school students in your community? Then this is for you!


what it is

In our week-long Entrepreneurship Summer Camp, high school students explore entrepreneurship and an entrepreneurial mindset. They also learn the difference between a for-profit and non-profit business, and they understand the impact of social entrepreneurship.  

While the “e” in eDiscovery stands for entrepreneurship, it also wraps encouragement, enterprise and “a little bit of everything” into a program for high school students.  

Besides entrepreneurial skills, students learn teamwork, presentation skills, manners, etiquette and they even learn how to dance!  Providing students with a way to relax while they are competing for scholarships helps them to realize they are all working toward the same goals and they can have some fun and “down time” while they are also working hard!

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Additional information

  • Two adult staff from eDiscovery teach the camp

  • Host organization or college manages the students for the week


  1. Contact us through our contact page here.

  2. A specialist will reach out to you within 48 hours to discuss your specific needs.


Starting at $5,000 for two trainers

Maria Wright