What Students Say

“I had no idea that I was creative! We have completed several eDiscovery creativity exercises and I now realize I have helped my team develop some great ideas for potential businesses! We have had so much fun!”—High school student

“Once we came up with a great idea, I loved developing the pitch for it to sell our idea to others. This program is very empowering!”—High school student

“We didn't realize entrepreneurs solved problem! Our team is very passionate about working with the elderly. Each of our team members has a relative in a nursing home. We are developing a nonprofit organization that can help us work in nursing homes talking to the residents while we work with them to make no-sew blankets for them. Our churches have all become involved in helping us with our nonprofit. We are so excited that this program has helped us realize a way we can start a business that helps others!”—Team of high school girls




What Parents Say

“My 8th grade son hated school and was barely passing. He was a problem for teachers, until he became involved in this eDiscovery program. He came home talking about what his team was doing with a business idea they had and we were even more shocked when he became the leader of the team! His whole attitude has changed and now he loves school! This experience has changed our whole family.” —Middle school parent

“This program has been the best thing that has ever happened in our elementary school! At first, I thought the idea my son's team came up with for a business was a crazy idea and that they would have a difficult time selling even one. But, I kept my mouth shut and I am shocked at what is happening today at their school sales event. They have sold out and are taking orders! Their passion for what they have developed and their enthusiasm with their customers has made their idea a winner! I am thankful the school has gotten involved in this program!”—Elementary school parent



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What Teachers Say

“Teachers at our school took eDiscovery training about 10 years ago and we are still using the lessons in the classroom. The money we raise from the sales event is used to fund school trips for students at the end of the year. We love what this opportunity has done for our school!”—Elementary school teacher




First Pilot Program

Realizing the importance of entrepreneurship in the classroom, Melony and Annette Walters, also a KECI graduate, developed the first version of eDiscovery Challenge which is entrepreneurship curriculum taught in a sixth grade classroom.

Each week they went into a sixth grade classroom and taught a one hour session on entrepreneurship to very eager students who were excited to learn.

They had homework which the classroom teacher, Ann DeSpain, made sure they completed before the next week when the instructors returned to continue the lessons which lasted for nine weeks. Each session taught built on the previous session, so when completed, the students had developed a business as a team.

These students had the opportunity to set up at their school and sell their items at the school's annual Christmas Bazaar. It was all an overwhelmingly positive experience!

Melony and Annette were asked to return the next year to teach the 9-week session again. From this experience, they started applying for grant funds to expand eDiscovery into economically distressed regions of Kentucky.